Michael Kenihan

Michael Kenihan is a sports physiotherapist, business manager, administrator, entrepreneur, innovator, teacher and thought leader in the health and sport sectors.

Michael’s experience as the general manager of Australia’s largest allied health network LifeCare Health (now part of the public company Zenitas Ltd,) executive of IPN (a publicly listed general practice network) and creator of the start-up online education company Kalsi P/L, demonstrates his wide-range of interests and abilities.


Michael is now a director, owner and manager at Melbourne Stem Cell Centre and the stem cell laboratory Magellan Stem Cells. Additionally, Michael, with business partner and founder Gareth Adams, has a started a technology app R-U-Ontrak to assist individuals track their progress towards a meaningful goal, such as recovery from an injury. The app helps users build a community of support to keep motivated and tracks activities using progress milestones.

Michael is also a business consultant to allied health practitioners and practices through his business MK Health Business Consulting.

It is satisfying to teach others what I have learned from my experience, reading and research,” said Michael, “The work I do provides great value for healthcare practitioners by improving the quality of their practice and practices – which also leads to greater financial success. It is my personal aspiration to live a life that is holistic in the physical, mental, social, emotional and spiritual perspectives.
— Michael Kenihan