Building Business Capacity in your Health Care Practices

Most of us have visited health care practices. We visit expecting a service and generally judge the practice on how friendly the staff are, how the facility is presented and on the "feel" we get while waiting for our visit. Generally speaking we have little ability to judge how good the advise or treatment we receive is and whether one clinician is more technically effective than another. We just know what we "feel" about what we have experienced and if we "feel" listened to and engaged with we are mostly happy. I have highlighted the word feel because when receiving a service that is how we judge that service not on the technical competence that may be delivered.

How then does this relate to business capacity in health care practices?

It matters because what a business needs is the engagement of their clients whom they hope will become advocates for that business. Such engagement may need to be something that we train our people to deliver, both from staff and the clinicians. Technical ability is assumed by clients so by paying attention to the feel good factor we will build business capacity.