When you need to achieve a goal that really matters.
Take control and build a supportive community of friends and providers.
R-U- Ontrak helps you get the help you need to build a better life.


What is R-U-Ontrak?

R-U- Ontrak is a people centred platform/app to assist you to set, track and achieve goals that need to be attained and really matter:

  • Full Recovery from an injury
  • Management of a health condition
  • Achieving necessary weight loss
  • Having a healthy pregnancy
  • Achieving a challenge such as running a marathon

R-U- Ontrak users must have a need to achieve a goal. They could be anybody, but we are focussed on individuals, coaches and heath care or other providers. The focus is also on organisations who are motivated to improve the lives of and develop better engagement with their people.

How does R-U-Ontrak do this:

This app asks you to set a goal and enter your activities and milestones, then monitor your progress
by collecting data from 6 different sources, creating a road map to your goal:

  1. Activity data- how many steps you have walked, what was your sleep like?
  2. Event data – what provider visit do you need to make?
  3. Emotional data- are you getting better, how do you feel?
  4. Progress data- what percentage of the goal have you achieved?
  5. Questions data- what do you want to know from providers and others and why?
  6. Plan data – what actions have your providers asked you to do to help you achieve your goal?